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CIT Business Growth White Paper

Cash-in-transit (CIT) businesses are essential to the global currency supply chain. By providing for the secured transportation of currency - from where it is, to where it is needed in an unbroken, highly secure chain of custody - CIT companies ensure the safety, security and integrity of sovereign currencies around the world.

However, running a CIT enterprise presents a multitude of challenges.

From the accurate entry of orders for service, to optimizing order fulfillment logistics to providing up-to-the-minute-down-to-the-penny reporting. CIT companies today must manage a wide variety of demands; not just from their customers but also increasingly from their governments. In the globalizing world economy, governmental scrutiny and regulatory demands, whether it is for personnel background checks, IT security and compliance or for helping to eradicate the bad guys, makes operating today’s CIT enterprise more complicated than at any time in history.