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Q: Does Morphis support barcode scanning?

A: Yes. Morphis supports barcode scanning, as an alternative data entry source, for wired, wireless and mobile scanning devices.

Q: Does Morphis support my customers need to receive up-to-the minute online reporting?

A: Yes. Morphis offers a hosted, secure online interface which allows your customers to see a customizable view of their reports, balances and other up-to-the-minute information.

Q: Does Morphis customize reporting to meet the needs of my customers?

A: Yes. Morphis provides custom reporting tools that allow each user, both internal users and customers, to see information tailored to their specific needs.

Q: Does Morphis let my business customers place Change Orders online?

A: Yes. Morphis provides a secure online portal to request Pickup and/or Delivery services as well as retail Change Orders.

Q: Does Morphis Smart Safe management include creating provisional credit ACHs?

A: Yes. Morphis creates provisional credit ACH files to meet each banks’ specifications.

Q: Does Morphis Smart Safe management automatically file FinCEN CTRs?

A: Yes. Morphis creates electronic CTR files, then automatically uploaded to the BSA database, for FinCEN compliance.