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Currency Supply Chain


The Currency Supply Chain

U.S.-Mintbldg2Morphis, Inc. Understands the Currency Supply Chain and Provides the Only End-To-End Solution In the ATM, Banking, and Armored Carrier Industries

Today, sovereign nations, seeking to establish a uniform medium of economic exchange within their country will issue currency (dollars, pounds, Euros, yen, and yuan etc). Typically, currency takes physical form as paper notes and metal coins (collectively referred to here as cash).

Cash is manufactured in a variety of “face values” known as denominations. In every country the currency of the land “circulates” up and down a supply chain that connects the government to the central bank to commercial banks and then to businesses and citizens. Upon manufacture, cash is delivered by truck to one or more central bank branches for downstream distribution into the currency supply chain.

The currency supply chain is comprised of central banks, depository institutions (banks) and the bank’s customers - commercial businesses (retailers) and the general public (consumers). The movement of cash between these supply chain participants is linked together by cash-in-transit vendors.

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How is Morphis Transforming the Business of Its Customers?

Wherever you fit in to the Currency Supply Chain...

Morphis will transform your business

For ATM operators Morphis forecasts ATM cash demand and automates the management of cash orders.

Banks can optimize cash inventories in their branches and cash vaults using Morphis to forecast net demand of specific denominations across the entire branch and cash vault network.

CIT operators can optimize cash vault inventories increasing operations efficiencies and enabling true dynamic logistics.

Now ask yourself... how can Morphis transform your business?

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Coin Jingles While Currency Folds

coinjinglescurrencyfoldsThe Problem Of Coin Versus Paper Currency Logistics

Balancing Currency Supply and Currency Demand

In 2004 a chance meeting at an armored carrier industry trade show gave Morphis the opportunity to round out its GCSC product suite. A new product - MorphisBCM (branch cash management) - was developed in direct response to solving a real-world problem for the US Central Bank1: “Don’t run out of pennies in Pittsburgh, while Cleveland looks for more storage space.”

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