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Industry Terminology

Industry terminology in a glossary format.


ACM Object

A unique location (retail busuness or financial instituion) serviced by an Armored Carrier or Cash-In-Transit company for either pick-up or delivery of items of value.

ACM Transaction

Any single, billable service provided by an Armored Carrier to or at an ACM Object.


A Financial Institution, or its agent, which acquires data relating to a transaction and forwards the data into the interchange system. In the context of ATMs this would typically be the ATM owner or sponsoring bank.

Actual Run-Out (A-R/O)

The date when an ATM is anticipated to run out of cash to dispense based on forecasted withdrawal activity. This run-out date is calculated based on the last recorded actual terminal balance (TermBalance) and the forecasted withdrawals. (Compare to Average Run-Out [Avg-R/O])

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Hosting of software on the Internet that provides computer-based services to customers who login. Software offered using an ASP model is sometimes referred to as software as a service (SaaS) or on-demand services.

Armored Carrier Service

An organization that provides secure transport of items of value (See also Cash-In-Transit [CIT])

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

An electro-mechanical device that carries out bank teller functions such as dispensing cash, reporting balance enquiries, accepting check and/or cash deposits, providing mobile/cell phone air time top ups, etc. Also known as Automated Banking Machine (Canada) or Cash Dispenser.

Any unattended automated teller machine, connected to a host processing system, that when activated by a bank’s cardholder provides cash withdrawals, bank account balance inquiries, bank account transfers and/or other services requiring authorization and settlement by the cardholder’s bank.

ATM Cash Object

An indivudyal Automated Teller Machine for which any Morphis Software Applicaiton provides data processing or data mangement services.

ATM De-Installation

The process whereby an ATM is taken out of service to include ending services with the Terminal Processor, removing cash from the machine and physically removing the machine from the location where it has been operating.

Average Run-Out (Avg-R/O)

The estimated date when an ATM is anticipated to run out of cash for dispensing based on average dispense activity. This date is calculated by using the last recorded actual Terminal Balance (TermBal) and the Recent Average (RecentAvg) of dispense activity in a specified prior period of time. (Compare to Actual Run-Out [A-R/O])