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What We Do

Hey Morphis... What... do you do?


Morphis is often asked the simple question: "What do you do?" Simply put Morphis publishes software that manages currency. Currency, like any other commodity, functions within a supply chain. In order to manage currency efficiently, businesses within that supply chain must forecast, order, pickup, deliver, count and report in the most accurate and efficient ways possible. Our software makes that happen. In fact, one of the key differentiators between Morphis and many other solutions providers in this space is that Morphis provides solutions for every vertical in the currency supply chain: Central Banks, commercial bank branches, commercial bank cash vaults, CIT cash vaults, CIT logistics, ATMs and retailers.

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The Morphis Difference

Yes Virginia... there IS a difference!

Business ProcessMorphis, Inc. is a software company that brings a fresh perspective to the challenge of automating business process and workflow.We call it: Contract Oriented™. Think of it as looking at your business through the lens of “operations” rather than the lens of “accounting.”

Today most businesses expect “software automation” to improve productivity, lower costs and enhance customer service. To this end a typical business may utilize a number of different software solutions, each one focused on a unique process/workflow specialty, and each operating in its own “information silo."

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How Morphis Adds Value

Morphis® Adds value to sales, service and vendor relations

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When you add Morphis software to your business you benefit in a variety of ways. Our customers often tell us of dramatic improvements in productivity, reduction in time spent on task and accuracy of their data.

  • Morphis centralizes enterprise sales and service management freeing-up personnel time and reducing or eliminating errors due to redundant manual processes.
  • Morphis freely exchanges information with 3rd party vendor systems automating orders and eliminating data entry errors.
  • Morphis eliminates data silos, the need for cross functional applications, databases and spreadsheets.
  • Morphis provides necessary access to all parties including customers, vendors, partners, service technicians and external local/global staff.