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Our Technology

Morphis proprietary technology is what sets us apart. Our software expertise manifests itself in unique solutions to real-world business challenges faced by every vertical in the currency supply chain.

MorphisMAS Custom Tasks

Customized Report, Query, and Data Entry/Edit Forms

Easily Perform Database Task Via Customized, Graphical Forms

Custom Task is an extension of MorphisMAS functionality that allows for the 

Screen shot of MorphisMAS's Custom Task functionality.easy, straightforward creation of custom forms to accomlish SQL Database tasks.

The Custom Task functionality layer of MorphisMAS gives you the flexibly create any custom report, query, even a new data entry or data edit forms, thus going beyond our standard MAS offering.


Plus Extendable Licensing

Offer the Power of Morphis to Your Customers

In addition, with the introduction of Morphis MAS, you now have the ability to extend the license to your customers, allowing you to provide them with Morphis as a component of the service your business provides.


With easily customizable forms you control the look, feel, and functionality of your customers experience.  Think of the possibilites!


If MorphisMAS sounds like the answer you've been waiting for, contact a Morphis Partner today.

MorphisIMF - Intuitive Monetary Forecasting

Morphis Inc.'s Cutting Edge Forecasting Technology, MorphisIMF

MorphisIMF™ (Intuitive Monetary Forecasting™) is our breakthrough technology that evaluates past behavior, accurately forecasting net future demand for individual denominations of currency and coin across an enterprise.

chart1xsmallIMF technology considers all relevant daily historical currency transactions that influence demand analysis, including cash withdrawals, cash deposits, and cash deliveries from upstream vaults, along with peer-to-peer cash exchanges.

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A Contract-Oriented View of Buisness is the Core of Morphis's Philosophy

... And MorphisCORE is at the Core of Morphis's Products

Morphis Core

MorphisCore (Contract Oriented Relationship Engine) is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), asset management, and financial reporting system that  is included as an operating module within all Morphis currency-supply-chain software solutions and also is available as a standalone product.

 MorphisCORE manages customer and vendor information, such as funding banks, armored cars and their branches, owners, locations, etc. 

MorphisCORE also manages contracts and lease agreements and enables electronic storage of these documents for online viewing  by any user on the system.

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Morphis ServiceAgent

superman500MorphisSA. It's Super, Man.

Morphis ServiceAgent is a powerful stand-alone tool which automates many useful functions associated with a SQL database. MorphisSA enables hands-off processing of repetitive database tasks such as file import export, reporting, monitoring, and reporting with email notification.

Database Task Automation

Utilizing the latest latest features of Microsoft, SQL Server and VB script, MorphisSA eliminates repetitive tasks, the potential for human error and the problems associated with communication and data transfer, with external systems and databases.

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Managed Application Services

internetSecure Web Access For Your Employees, or Your Customers

Microsoft Silverlight Based Thin Client

MorphisMAS (Morphis Managed Application Services) is a powerful thin-client user interface developed with Microsoft® Silverlight® technology. Using a browser that supports Silverlight and an Internet connection, any member of your staff customer or can now access data in any Morphis product securely over the web.

Extend Access To Client With MorphisMAS Licensing

With MorphisMAS licensing, you can extend secure access to your Morphis database to customers and staff anywhere in the world. MorphisMAS provides easy to configure features, assuring that each log-in you create has restricted access to precisely the information you authorize.

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